What's in a Name?


It's messy, this creative process. And the more you go against our natural (for some of us) tendency to protect our "children" - and by extension ourselves - the "messier" the process gets! And yet, like a parent yearning for a little one to enter the world, anticipating their little coos and fingers to the point when they move into a place of their own, you see images far larger than life! Then there's this naming convention, this process of encapsulating this life into a single word, or in this case of a creative work, a series of words. While I loved to read growing up, sort of thought writing was part of my DNA, I never would anticipate having to write about my art - it wasn't something people did when I attended college! As matter of fact, I went through a good few years of hesitation in putting my initials, not to mention my full name, on my art! A title? A theme? Nope!

But here I am, well into my adult years, creating a LOT of art and names flow like rain in the Amazon! But...there are times when I'm working and for whatever reason, no signature or title comes up. Be it because this feels too much like practice, like I'm concentrating on the stroke of colors or something altogether different, the work exists, nameless. 

The above piece remained "nameless" for a number of weeks. Even now, I'm using "Desert Star" as a working title. The feel of it, a bloom occurring in a place where flowers don't grow, a blossom with strange origins and even stranger destinies, seems to defy titles! So for now, it gets the of "Desert Star" because it has a strange place to grow. It receives the title "Star" because it is larger than it environ and wants to grow larger than it started! Even now, it continues to GROW!