The Beginning Of...

the beginning of

I started painting and drawing in the spring of 2009. That time felt magical, even like HEAVEN! I’m talking stars aligning and feeling like I was sitting in the presence of God! And this drawing came out of that period. The Beginning Of, the path to a new life, a beginning or transition from life less fulfilling. 


When art speaks, it speaks to our soul and often, speaks “From” our soul. Like the language of dreams, it declares what we “know,” but not necessarily what is known in our conscious mind. Often, for me, when I stare at patterns, designs and art, I nod and utter a “hmm.” It is my reaction to a fraction of a message, a snippet of knowledge that I have 


The possibility of…the precipice “moments” where we feel like we are leaving one thing and starting another. Sometimes we soar, and sometimes we fall. But we must always TRY.