Tell Me a Bedtime Story



I realized today that some ‘themes,’ some ideas resurface, visit and haunt like bad romances. Well, maybe not bad romances, but like past loves you never quite got over. Since beginning painting again, I have done three or four series, depending on how you’re counting. 


My sister has a better memory for some things than I do. So recently, in conversation about music, she brought up that this song "Tell Me a Bedtime Story," was recorded in the 70’s or so, by Herbie Hancock and that we listened to it back then…I agreed with her, though, in that moment or since, do I recall a time listening, and of course loving the sense of it. What I do recall was hearing Quincy Jones’ recording of it, falling in love with the air of floating away to a bedtime story told. A good book, has to do the same for me. There’s always something about a story.


Drawing or painting in a series feels like telling a story in parts - maybe like chapters of a grand novel. I turned around a second ago, looked at my piece entitled: “Remains Calm.” I looked at it and in a second, I see the waves and feel the sense of it, the calm and the sense of movement that mirrors anxiety - aint that something? Hence the title: “Remains Calm.” In the ‘stories’ of our life, we have to admit, there are moments when we want to RUNNNNN! But se have to at the very least, stand still.


In a series, it's an opportunity to explore multiple facets of an idea or theme. In the series: "Linen," I am exploring the nothon of 'covering' and how we use coverings that both mask as well highlight...when we wear decorative clothing, for example, while we want to draw attention or highlight our pleasure, we also wear clothes to mask what's beneath...think on that...