A Moment...Reflect

A Wednesday morning, in the early part of October; music plays from the computer - my kind of music. Love songs, jazz, maybe a little Kem or Cassandra Wilson - how about some Nancy Wilson or Prince? But in a moment, I will log on to work, back to the grind, one more day. And my jazz hero, John Coltrane comes on with a serenading sound from his unreleased release: “Both Directions at Once,” the song: “Untitled Original11386.”


I sit and reflect on a life I don’t know, his life, known only through biographies read and seen in movies. An artist who, for all practical purposes, sought the “perfect sound,” the sound of music expressing his passion, love and exploration. We know him as this “profound” musician who poured his soul into his music, who lived life to express.


Of course, I would want to live my life like that. To pour my heart and soul into expressing the gifts given me. In writing, the ability to bring words and sentences together in such a way, that store the soul, generating series of questions, answers and repeating the process until enlightenment elevates the explorer to new levels. I would love to render in colors and textures, make the graphite line of pencil and charcoal touch your soul, so that, whether you can put in words what I’ve rendered and how it makes you feel, you know for certain your life has been changed.


But for now, I returned to the business of someone else’s business. For now, I choose to play a plain, status quo tune..


Just a moment, a few to sit and project my life outwards…